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Return fee $45? I do not know why?

Dear Bestbuy,


I just bought a couple of Apple watch Series 5 (GPS + Cellular) on June 9, 2020 and I picked it up on June 18,2020. After I came home, I know that to use cellular on my Apple watch I have to pay more fee with my data plan in my carrier. So I would like to return my two watches but they said they will take $45 for fee return. I did not know and saw it when I do the purchase. My question is how can I do the return without fee return because I never wear that watch eventhough one time.

Thank you for your considering.

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Re: Return fee $45? I do not know why?

Cellular devices cannot be sold as new once they have been sold once, even if not fully activated.  Because of this, there is a restocking fee.  I have never heard of a cellular device that doesn't have a fee associated with it, but you could always use the Apple Watch in tethered mode just the like the GPS only watches.  That could allow you to avoid the restocking fee.

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Re: Return fee $45? I do not know why?

You could sell them elsewhere?