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Return & Support button disappeared

I was trying to return a package since the package was terribly broken when delivered. However, I could not find the Return & Support button anymore. If i remembered corretly, this button usually locates below the Tracking Package button. When I click it the order detail page, I could not find any return option, either, even though the package is still eligible for a return.


(sorry this is my first post here, and I have not figured out how to insert a picture in my post)

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Re: Return & Support button disappeared

Just curious is your item still within the return and exchange policy timeframe? The only thing I would think that  it would go away is if you are outside this window.

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Re: Return & Support button disappeared

I just received it last week, so absolutely within the return timeframe. My friend checked his account and found out the button is there in his account even for orders he received in early October.
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Re: Return & Support button disappeared

Hello, fourones,


Welcome to our Best Buy Support Forums! Receiving packages in the mail is always exciting, but finding that yours was badly damaged like that would reduce that excitement. I can understand wanting to get this returned to us, and it is unusual that the option to return it wouldn't be there if you had just received the item. I'd be happy to look into this with you. 


To start, can you please send me a private message with your full name, phone number, email address, and the order number? To send the message, you can simply use the button in my signature below.





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