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Return Returned Back to me by Best Buy - No Explanation Given

Looking for some way to contact someone from Best Buy support who actually can provide a remedy.


I bought a cell phone (unlocked Pixel 7) on October 18th.  I later obtained a shipping label to return the item, which was received by Best Buy on October 27th.


Last week, noticing no refund had been given, I contacted Best Buy by chat - twice.  Both times I was assured that the refund would be forthcoming.


On Saturday November 26th I received the item back from Best Buy, with a note telling me the item was non-returnable.  No reason given.  The letter did include a list of things that were non-retrunable, but my return did not fit into any of those categories.  I have also looked online and see nothing that would make the item non-returnable.


I then called the number listed for Best Buy returns on the letter.  I got some guy in India who had no idea that the item had been returned to me by Best Buy and assured me that I would receive a refund shortly.


Then, at 5 AM this morning, I received an email from customer service telling me that the item was non-returnable.  Of course, no reason stated as to why it was non-returnable.


Any suggestions how to reach someone at Best Buy who can fix this?  Preferably someone how can do more than simply repeat back to me what it says on the website.

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Re: Return Returned Back to me by Best Buy - No Explanation Given

Hey there, rinsf, 


Thanks for reaching out via our community forums. I have replied to your request on Twitter. Please follow up with me there moving forward. 

Jacob W|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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