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Report a formal complaint

I would like to know how to post a formal complaint that someone at best buy will actually respond to. I have spent literally 5 hours on the phone trying to resolve a simple issue and absolutely nothing got done. I purchased a couple of tvs and a laptop on a black friday deal through best, the order was processed and I got a confirmation email. A little bit later my order was arbitrarily canceled by best buy without explanation. After extensive phone call wait time I found out that everything was fine on my end and all information was entered correctly. Seems like a simple problem to fix, just reissue the order, right? Nope, was told time after time that they can't honor the black friday price anymore and "the system" wont let them do it. Total lies just to get me off the phone. I have never tried this hard to actually give a company money. I guess they don't want it, so I won't be shopping here again.