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Replacement Shipment badly damaged. Security Seal Broken

I ordered a headset about a week ago, and it never came. Nice. I contact support and they were quick to send me a "replacement" (Fedex tracking still says pending...). 


I got my replacement less than an hour ago, but with UPS. The box is beaten so badly. It looks like they were playing football with the box. The security seal is clearly open down the middle and barely holding together at the ends. I highly doubt the delivery driver was the cause because they made an effort to put the box in a spot that was outside of the snow (which is everywhere). 


I contacted support chat right away (10 mins ago) and they were telling me that I need to go to my store to talk to the manager. 


Clearly, they are located in a different state because we are dealing with a horrible snow storm right now. I am not driving anywhere. The agent said that they cannot view the video and photos I took of the box - which I have yet to open because I am not trying to be held accountable for whatever the heck happened. I was also told I can call a #, but that is my last resort after hearing the horror stories of people being constantly transferred and receiving no resolution. So here I am, wondering what to do. There is no way you folks can convince me that this item is "new"... and if it is I wouldn't be surprised if it's damaged. Like I said, I'm not opening it, and it i'm not accusing or anything but I have my suspicions... and feel like me opening the box is going to void your guy's liability on the situation.  Just wait until you see the box.