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Remote Start Order and Installation Cancelled

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I tried to resolve this through a phone call but did not get an acceptable answer.


On 11/28/2019 I ordered a Viper DS4+ remote start system and scheduled an installation appointment for 12/17. 

Order # {removed per forum guidelines}.


I received an email confirming my purchase and my appointment for 12/17.  This morning, on 12/5, I received an email saying that my order was cancelled because it was not picked up.  I was never instructed to pick up the items prior to the installation appointment, nor would it be logical to do so.  When I tried to resolve this on the phone, I was told to re-order the items from and schedule an appointment.  That is fine, except that the current price is $40.00 more than what I originally paid on 11/28!  When I asked if the price could be adjusted to the ammount I originally paid I was told that it is not possible.  This is a completely unacceptable way to handle this issue.  Please advise how to correct this.


Thank you.

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Re: Remote Start Order and Installation Cancelled



Welcome to our community. I know how excited I become whenever I have the opportunity to upgrade my car, so it's not a reach to understand the frustration you must have experienced in this situation.


As stated on our Store Pickup page, your order will be held for five days and may be subject to cancellation after that time. This is enforced even if an installation or other service is scheduled for a future date. 


As you were informed during your phone call, you're welcome to place a new order, but at currently available pricing.


i regret I do not have better news or another option for you. Please know I am grateful you took the time to share your concerns with us.

John|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: Remote Start Order and Installation Cancelled

Thank you for taking the time to reply. I am still very frustrated by this situation.<br><br>I was never instructed to pickup the items then bring them to the installation and no effort was made to warn me my order was going to be canceled besides 1 email that went to my spam folder... My phone number is on my account. <br><br>I can get over that part as a miscommunication...What I don't understand is that Best Buy will not honor the original price I paid. I missed out on other cyber Monday and black Friday deals because I made a purchase through Best Buy, in good faith that they would hold up their end of the deal... My mistake, won't happen again. <br><br>Sorry for the rant, I usually let bad customer service experiences go but this one really ticked me off. Being told (however politely) that I'm out of luck because I didn't completely understand a store policy (that wasn't explained in any of the order confirmations) and now have to pay a higher price for the same items makes for a terrible customer experience. <br><br>