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Refund stuck pending.

I've spent the day going back and forth between best buy and paypal about a recent refund transaction that hasn't shown up in my account activity. Best buy shows the order canceled, but can't provide any details for the refund. PayPal has requested I get the transaction number for the best buy refund, I called best buy again 4th time and get an agent who provides me a transaction ID, get back with PayPal only to find out the transaction number provided is the original charge transaction number.

I call back into best buy and this time, 5th call, the agent says, thats strange, I get hopeful and ask what is strange thinking we're onto something. Rep says cancelation shows 4/25, but refund to PayPal is "pending" for the past 11 days. Be still my heart, did we finally figure this out? Call drops.

Frantically redial best buy only to hear, you have reached us outside our normal business hours.

Any chance one of you lovely mods could check the account attached to my registered emails for a booked refund on a cancelation of a lego star wars ps4 preorder? I can dm any details, but I know if I include them in a post you'll just edit them out and tell me to dm them anyway.

Thanks in advance to anyone able to help.

Also if I happen to be lucky enough to not only get some help, but the rep actually left notes about what he found, can we get the man some kudos or an attaboy of some sort.
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Re: Refund stuck pending.

Apparently I missed that auto correct got me, that was meant to be borked refund.
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Re: Refund stuck pending.

In my experiecne I would hazard to guess PayPal is the hold up. 

I used to own an online business.


If your funds came from a PayPal balance they would typicaly be available on a refund in a matter of hours.


If your funds came from a Credit Card associated with your PayPal account it can take 3 or more days.

If your funds came form a Bank Debit Card associated with your PayPal account it can take up to a week.


PayPal will not directly refund a card becuase then they have to pary credit card processing fees.  So they do an E check which is typically manually sent and then manually recieved and verified and then it may take a little while longer to show up.

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Re: Refund stuck pending.

Welcome back, GavinShai,


Thank you for taking the time to stop by our community forums again. Like you, I keep a close eye on my bank account when I'm expecting a refund so I can be sure I know when those funds are available again. I appreciate you letting us know about your experience so far and would be glad to see how I can help moving forward.


Generally, PayPal refund are available within one week but this can vary depending on the type payment method use this can vary. You can learn more here.


While I will be unable to provide a transaction ID, I would be glad to verify that this appears as cancelled in our system. I will need some more details to do so. Can you please send me a private message that includes your:


Full name

Email address

Phone number

Order number


I look forward to hearing back from you!

AndrewB|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: Refund stuck pending.

Private message sent, thanks AndrewB-BBY

And bobberuchi, normally I'd agree that 99% of paypal issues are thanks to paypal, except when paypal is causing the delay they usually at least show the pending transaction during the delay with the other financial institution. This time there's no refund activity at all, rather than them just dragging their feet. No doubt that is still to come and will take another several days once the pending refund activity appears.