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Refund needed - FedEx package marked delivered but not received

I purchased an Apple Watch as a gift for my friend Ingrid. When some time passed and she didn't say anything about it, I had to ruin the surprise and ask her directly, when she then told me that she never received it. On FedEx it says the package was delivered but it has no signature or even a name of the receiver and she saw the cameras on her building and confirmed that no FedEx person went there that day. We talked to BestBuy support many times by chat. First an agent offered to resend the package, which I thought was great. It even showed up on the order's info, but it turns out it was never delivered and then cancelled. Another agent then said it would proceed with a refund and that I would get a confirmation e-mail, but I never received this e-mail, nor the refund.


I really need help. I would just like that she receives the item or I receive the refund. She is leaving on friday and I'm not comfortable placing a new order when I'm not even sure that I will get the refund. I just need a solution, please, because it was very expensive and I'm really worried. If giving me BestBuy credits would be faster, I would accept that too, because I would just like to be able to buy this gift for her to get in time before friday.