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Refund issues after cancelling order



I am reaching out to get some support on a refund issue. I placed my preorder on and got a notification that my card was declined. I updated my credit card info and was charged successfully however the discount on the item I received when I preordered went away and it was showing the full amount without the discount so I promptly cancelled my order.


On my bank statement I noticed the charge still went through however and its been close to 10 days and the refund has not come through. I spoke to my bank and they mentioned I contact Bestbuy first to avoid filing a dispute. At this point I am looking to either get my refund since my order was cancelled or alternatively will be happy to get the item for the discounted amount I orginally had when I preordered. Either option would work for me. Thanks for your help.

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Re: Refund issues after cancelling order

Hey there, rishiraja!


Thanks for reaching out and welcome to our community forum!


Considering I watch my finances very close, I can understand wanting to get this payment issue resolved. We never want to make it difficult to get the items you need. I would be more than happy to investigate further and get this properly documented at our Corporate Campus to be reviewed.


In order for me to go ahead and do so, kindly use the blue “PrivateMessage” button below my message to send your:


Full name
Phone number
Email address
Order number


All the best,

Kayden|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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