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Refund issue, disappointed with the customer service



I bought a sound bar on 1/1, which was delivered on 1/6. After the UPS truck driver knocked the door, he told me that the package box was damaged and asked if we just wanted to return it to the shipper w/o accepting the package. I said ok and he took it back and I would assume UPS would deliver it back to the warehouse pretty quickly. However, the return package doesn't have any shipping info updated since 1/13, and the estimated delivery time is "Information not available." I contacted UPS customer service and they said it's likely that the package might be lost in transit. So I contacted bestbuy a few times. The first customer agent was pretty helpful, telling me that the refund process will start after 8 days since the package has no shipping update, and he also gave me an incident number and asked me to call back next day since next day was the 8th day. So I called back the next day, and another agent told me complete different things. He kept saying that the package will arrive at the warehouse and after that, bestbuy will refund. But I keep asking him what if the package is lost and never arrive, which seems to be the case that UPS agent said. What if the package will never arrive at the warehouse, does it mean i will never get refund?? I am very disappointed with the way that customer agent handles my case. I feel that I cannot trust best buy any more since the return process is so painful and obviously someone is lying to me. I hope i can get better help here. If best buy keeps doing this to their customers, it will lose the reputation given that amazon and other online merchants care more about their customers.

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Re: Refund issue, disappointed with the customer service

Hi there, buronnie.


Thank you for visiting our online community. We appreciate you choosing Best Buy for this investment, although I am very sorry to hear your new soundbar arrived in poor condition. I understand why you would have refused a damaged package. If I were in your position, I would certainly be expecting a timely resolution. If the package was never returned, that may require further investigation, which is something I’d love to help with.


When you have the time, please send me a Private Message. For verification purposes, pleas include your full name, email address, and telephone number. The order number would also be helpful. Please be sure to send those details privately, for your security. To send a Private Message, simply select the darker blue icon, which is located across from my signature.


Please know, I will be out of the office tomorrow. If you do not receive an immediate response, I will be available to work with you on Wednesday.



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