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Refund is pending for a MONTH!

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Hello. My order was missing {removed per forum guidelines} and I requested a refund but an agent processed a replacement without my permission which I wasn't able to accept because of leaving. So I was forced to contact again and Carlos R said that he had cancelled the replacement and processed a refund. That was on November 20 which is a whole month ago! Since that time I contacted a couple of weeks ago and Daniel said that there's an issue with processing the refund to my gift card used for the order and he has requested a new e-gift card to be sent to my email. So after 18 days I still haven't got any refunds or gift cards as a refund. Obviously I can't accept the refund in the form of a physical gift card just because I'm out of town as I initially told on my very first interaction.
I'm really tired of that all and I need help from someone at a higher department.

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Re: Refund is pending for a MONTH!

Hey, JoshGRT,


Welcome to the Best Buy Forums.


Thanks for reaching out about your missing order, and subsequent refund request. I can understand your frustration given how long you’ve been waiting. Through a Private Message, I’d be happy to take a closer look and see what the holdup might be. 


Click the blue button next to my signature to send the Private Message along with your full name, phone number, and email address.


In the meantime, note that we removed the order number which we do not permit on our Forums for your protection. This kind of information should only be shared privately. 



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Re: Refund is pending for a MONTH!

I got an update from Andy. He told me to wait for 2-3 days for the response from the team but after an hour he told me that Best Buy won't refund me and I need to work with my local authorities or carrier.

I'm actually surprised by that kind of customer service. I just called FedEx and tried to file an investigation but FedEx can't do that because I need a waiver from the sender to be able to create an investigation request or the sender has that right to start it. Best Buy doesn't want to move a finger then.

That's interesting, they haven't provided me with an update for more than a month and now in just one hour they told me that I'm alone with my shipping issues. Looks like a fraud by the way.