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Refund Status

Ok... Can I please get some type of assistance here.... best buy received my return on Jan.20 


On the best buy website it says please allow 5 DAYS (not business) to process your refund...

It has been 20 days! 13 business days! I look deeper into the fine print and it says please allow 7-10 business days...


Now when you look at the refund page they have changed it to 15-20 business days!  WTH? 


I thought it was ridiculous before, but this is way beyond ridiculous... Please try to explain this!


I just got of chat with a Sebastian B. he says that he shows the refund has been processed and that now it is up to my bank... I called the bank and they say that there has been NO refund and that there is NO refund pending from Best Buy... So then when I tell Sebastian this he back pedels and tells me that it takes 15-20 days to process the refund and an additional 15-20 days for it to show up to my bank... I mean REALLY?


Does anyone here at Best Buy know what is going on??


Oh, just about forgot... When I called the best buy support number 3 weeks ago, the lady told me to give it till Feb 8th... Thus the reason why I have reached back out to support today...





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Re: Refund Status

Hello, sydneykohl14,


Thank you for sharing your experience. I understand timely refunds are important, which is something Best Buy strives to provide. As mentioned in our Return & Exchange Promise, once a return has been received, we will process it within 15-20 business days. If your return was received on Jan. 20, as you indicated, it has only been 13-business days. I apologize if you were informed otherwise. Your patience is appreciated.


I’ll be replying to our Private Message thread, to ensure you receive this update. I also noticed you’ve been working with my colleague, Keith, through Facebook. For efficiency, please continue working with him through that platform. Thank you for your cooperation.



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