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Refund Not Received



I pre-ordered a game (x2 - 2 separate orders) that came with a pre-order bonus.  I canceled the games, but not in time to avoid the bonuses being shipped.  A partial refund was given (which was expected until the return of the bonuses), but returning the bonuses was a mess, and I've now returned both bonuses and received no refund for either of them.  Here is a history of events (please note that I live around 25 miles from my closest store, so that's why there are large gaps between visits):


10.4.18 - Pre-ordered 2 copies of SoulCalibur VI for PS4 - Both with a Talim Mini Figurine as a pre-order bonus


10.19.18 - Debit card was charged $50.28 for each order.  Games are ready for in-store pickup.  Bonuses already shipped.


10.19.18 - Canceled the order.


10.22.18 - Partial refund given of $33.33 each.


11.13.18 - Returned both figurines to the store.  It was a mess since they couldn't get my refund to process.  After around 10 minutes of trying, they decided to call 'the bridge(?)' to straighten it out.  After a few minutes, I was told that my refund of 16.95 (x2) would be refunded to my debit card/bank account.  I was given receipts, and was told that if the money hadn't shown up after 5 days, to return to the store so they could fix the issue.


12.1.18 - Returned to the store since the refund never showed up.  Employee had to call 'the bridge(?)' again.  I was informed that my refund had been sent on 11.19 and was asked if I had called my bank to see if it was pending.  After saying no, but that I would, I was told that there was nothing that could be done since it had been sent on their end.


12.3.18 - Called bank to be certain that the funds weren't stuck somewhere, somehow, and they were not.


I can't keep driving back and forth to the store.  And I don't know where else to turn.  I have bank statements that I can send you showing those purchases and partial refunds, and showing you that there still hasn't been a refund for the returned bonuses.  I can provide you with order numbers and whatever else you'd like (I didn't feel comfortable publicly posting them).  I've been an Elite member for the past two years.  I do all of my electronics shopping at Best Buy, and always recommend to anyone who is in the market for electronics.  Please don't give me a reason to stop shopping there.


Thank you.  ♥

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Re: Refund Not Received

Wondering if this will be addressed or if I need to make another trip to the store.



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Re: Refund Not Received

Hello, danforth!


Thank you for sharing the details surrounding your recent return/refund experience, and for being an Elite member. I can understand not wanting to make another trip to a Best Buy store to inquire further about this, and I'm hoping we can provide the answers you're looking for online.


That being said, could you please send me a private message including your full name, email, phone number, and any order numbers you can share? 


Looking forward to working with you on this.

Allison|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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