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Recent customer experience...Unbelievable what I went though!

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I never make a fuss about things and usually pretty easygoing and understanding. I realize mistakes happens and sometimes things are out of some peoples hands. But my recent purchase with BB has been without a doubt the worst customer service experience I have ever had! But that bad I feel that if all customers were treated this way, there wouldn't be any left.


So much time and energy wasted. Back and forth, given incorrect information. Eventually leading to a refund request that was told was processed by multiple reps....but item shipped anyway. Now stuck with a pricey item, charged for that item, and after delivery today another inconvenience I have to deal with. This is just the end result, after so many other issues in between. Experience like this stays with you...


All started when decided to purchase item to begin with.  I decided to go with BB even though I could get it elsewhere for slightly cheaper- this was due to my loyalty to BB and the fact that i was supposed to arrive within 2 days of ordering.  Pricematch was availabe, but tax was not included on competitor site saving me a decent amount of oney on item that costs over 1k.


-Ordered item, on Dec 25 with delivery for Dec 27

-Item never shipped, recieved email about shipping delay. Yet I was charged for item and item went through on CC

-Reached out to chat agent, apolgized for delay but promised item would be shipping that day Friday, Dec 28 for delivery on Sunday, Dec 30.

-Again another date given that was false information 

-Next day reached out to another chat agent- they then informed me item was never if even stock when i ordered it.  Customer website shows in stock but actual warehouse never had it.  (basically told I was sold, CHARGED for, but never actaully had in it in stock to begin.  Informed here that item could be delayed til end of January. 

id#:{removed per forum guidelines}

-Meanwhile item in mostly in stock everyday.  Since the incdident started i constantly would see if item was in stock- it was mostly in stock during this entire duration.

-At this point, after I was told item may not even come for another month, I immemdiaetly asked for a REFUND.

-I was told item was processed for refund and i should see chnage to bank statement within 24 hours----never ahppened

-Next day reached out to another rep about refund and another agent confirmed refund was being processed- onyl timeframe was 3 to 5 days I believe

-Then after all that...the item SHIPS anyway

-I never got a refund after all that...and my item shipped anyway.

-Now I have over a 1k charge to CC and item on its way for delivery that I don't want.  Now another inconvicenec i must deal with.  Physically returning the item myself now.  


All i wanted to purchase a product from BB.  Turned into such a hassle- wasted time, energy, emotion.  All for nothing.

Transcipts with chat agents concearning this order could easy show the extent of what i went through.


I needed to share this story, but words cantr do it justice.  Experince like this stays with you.  As Elite Plus member who spent over 10k in 2018 alone at BB, floored as to what happened.  Just to be told "im sorry, thank you for your understanding".....Start to finish after what happened I am not understanding whatsoever.  Appalling how things were handled ands every person I spoke with can do nothing for me except  lead me down the wrong path of information- giving me the run around. Given a generic apology along the way and just pushed aside.  Not a way to treat a loyal customer who wanted nothing more than top buy something from your business.  


Thank you for taking the time to read this.  I hope it gets to someone and can make a differnce somewhere.  I have lot of love for Best Buy and brick and mortar business. Wish this didn't happen but its how we repsond to things that shows a true way to judge character.  Please right this wrong Best Buy!

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Re: Recent customer experience...Unbelievable what I went though!

Hello jdcab17,

Thanks for joining us at the Best Buy Community forums, and thank you for being an Elite Plus My Best Buy member. I apologize for the poor experience you had with your recent order, from the delay to the incorrect information you were given about that refund. That isn’t at all the kind of service we want to provide.

I see that you’ve also sent in a private message about this. Because we respect your privacy, I’ll shortly be sending a reply to that message to go over some details regarding the order.

You can check that message by clicking on the orange envelope in the top right corner of the screen.


Kyle R|Senior Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: Recent customer experience...Unbelievable what I went though!

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I wanted to let you know that promised $50 gift card was never received. I have been checking the mail daily looking for $50 Best Buy gift card. I was told it should be in an unmarked piece of mail so I have been very thorough.

This was supposed to be given as way to make up for poor customer service experience that wasted much time and energy.

Please let me know if this was ever sent. It's a cleaning months now so thinking it was never sent. Hoping you could please resend, as I have been anticipating this for awhile now.

Thank you, please let me know status. Thank again for your time and consideration.

-Jeffrey {removed per forum guidelines}

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Re: Recent customer experience...Unbelievable what I went though!

Hi again, jdcab17,


Thank you for reaching out! If you were promised a gift card back in January it is certainly distressing that you haven’t seen that yet. I want to check into this for you, but see that you also sent a private message to one of our other moderators so I’ll be following up via PM shortly to gather some details.



Kayla|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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