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Received wrong phone and was treated like a thief

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I order a Nokia 5.3 phone and I'm excited since I haven't upgraded phones for over +5 years. I'm still using the nokia lumia 625 and when I receive the phone it feels like Christmas, but its not. I open the Nokia 5.3 box phone won't turn on, I charge it and it won't turn on, my mother wants to see it and points out it has some strange scratches inside the screen, and its true. From left to right there are there are Multiple cracks inside the phone and it seems best buy or someone working at best buy scammed me. I received a incorrect, used phone inside a Nokia 5.3 box. 


I take the phone to best buy talk to the employee and they are telling me that there is nothing they can do, one of them mentions if I got insurance for the phone for, and a second employee begins to tell me its the wrong phone, its used, we can't accept this, with the complete disregard that best buy is the one at fault and I'm the one being scammed. The manager comes over and tells me the same thing and adds its not best buys fault its the mail mans fault that its ups at fault and to lodge a claim with them. The manager slides the empty box and phone towards me and expects me to leave. The manager doesn't care for the customer and the treatment towards the entire situation has been upsetting.


I'm upset, the lack of empathy displayed was terrible and being physically shown that the phone is used by the manager grabbing the phone and simulating how to put it in his pocket causes scratches was incredibly demeaning. Then being repeatedly told its not best buys responsibility was leaving me demoralized. I stood there, asked the phone be put back in the box and to get the phone number to resolve it with Best buy as dealing with ups would take a long time and I bought it from best buy.


I want to submit a complaint.




They asked me to verify my son regarding this message. They are verified. I have been waiting for about 2 months already and I have not received the refund. 


Case# {removed per forum guidelines}


Their email is {removed per forum guidelines}

Their username is: {removed per forum guidelines}


This is: Jesus {removed per forum guidelines}


Fix this already. My son just called and mentioned I should already set up a claim with the bank. At this point it defenitely feels like you are robbing me!

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Re: Received wrong phone and was treated like a thief

Hello, Jesus!


Thanks for reaching out to us on the forum regarding your ongoing phone situation. I'm glad you contacted us as the purchaser after your son initially reached out. I can understand wanting this return addressed and I know you haven't had the best support experience so far. I'm hoping I can help.


I’ll be sending you a private message momentarily to follow up to the information that was deleted in your public post due to privacy reasons. You’ll be able to read my message by clicking on the orange envelope in the upper right-hand corner of your screen. If you’re accessing our site on a mobile device, you may need to switch to “Full” or “Desktop” view before this button is visible to you.



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