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Received wrong movie

So I ordered Once Upon a Deadpool, but what I received was definitely not the movie I ordered. What I received was Quigley Down Under.....
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Re: Received wrong movie

Returns are very easy and that can be considered a defect... It does happen from time to time.


How did you purchase the item? The easiest way would be to go into a store and explain the defect. However if it's an entirely different movie than you get there is a slight possibility you may be denied the return or challenged.


But if you're nice to the store you should have no issues doing the exchange, stores hear this all the time (again not often) So don't be afraid to utilize this option.


If you did want to return it by mail, be sure to explain to them you received the wrong item. A return form can be printed online and returned in the mail.


You will never have to pay for shipping on a defective or incorrect item per the terms and conditons of the Return and Exchange Promise.

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Re: Received wrong movie

Hey Ightningfox,


Welcome to the forums! That certainly sounds like the wrong movie. I can imagine the surprise when you opened that. 


@hockeycanuckjc offered some great insight. Additionally, if you'd like me to take a look at other options we have, feel free to send me a private message with your name, email, phone number, and order number. 





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