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Received the wrong item and Best Buy doesn't take responsability

Ordered something but received something else. Best buy doesnt take responsability and keeps wasting my time.

Actions taken: Called customer support (25-11-2022 3pm 53minutes call). Tried to find a sollution to have my money back and to get rid of the wrong item. Initially the person helping me said that they can start a return process and send me the labels but that implies that i have to go to the post office or purolator with the item. After hearing that i said its not convenient for me for two reasons: he said there will be 10 day delay of the refund after they receive back the item and me having to go to a location instead of having the item picked up from my house.After declining that option I been told that if i go to the nearest best buy i can return and get my refund back on the spot. I have done exactly that and had been told that this item doesnt appear in their system and been sent home without my money or right item. Spoke with the highest ranked supervisor at Best Buy located in Calgary in Deerfoot Meadows (4-5pm 26-11-2022). Wasted time around 2 hours. Writing all of this and putting all the evidence i have together another hour at least.

Proof i have: I have the delivery video recorded from my security cam on the day i was supposed to receive my item. You can see the driver, the package and the number of the car. I have the phone call log that i have made towards Best Buy customer support. An online text chat with a Best Buy representative that was a bit confusing and not very well handled by your employiee. Photos of the shipped item box, whats in the box, receipt for my ordered item and credit card record.


The item I ordered and paid for is a $2000 coffee machine (which I got for sale for $1600) and what I received is an inferior coffee machine worth $999 . So, I did not get what I paid for and I am very dissapinted in Best Buy right now for not taking responsabilty.


I have been their customer for many years now and I wasn't expecting this to happen and for BestBuy not to stand up for their customers!



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Re: Received the wrong item and Best Buy doesn't take responsability

Hello, Alex,


Thanks for reaching out about your recent coffee machine order. I can understand receiving one that you didn't order and not being able to get it fixed would not be a welcome situation to be in. 


I noticed you mentioned that you are in Canada. Our team primarily is here to support our U.S. customers and stores. I recommend reaching out to our Best Buy Canada team using the options on the Contact Us page on our site, as they will be best able to assist you with your concern. 




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