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Received TV but no documentation.

We bought a Samsung 55" curved TV December 2nd and received it December 4th. Since then there's been no documentation or anything from the Geek Squad about the 5-year protection plan we purchased. If anything, we've received emails rescinding the protection plan because said TV wasn't sent out.


The 800 numbers provided go to people way out of the country to people who seem quite clueless about what needs to be done. And when I say "way out of country" I'm not kidding. We hear farm animals in the background?!


Even more so, nothing has been done. We know Covid is making things quite difficult, but why aren't Best Buy reps working from home instead of contracting issues out of country? Working from home can be difficult at best, we know that. But with the lack of documentation and communication how can Best Buy continue to neglect the customer like they do?


We've spent hours on the phone, mostly on hold trying to get done what is actually Best Buy's obligation and job. An alleged "manager" that we waited on hold for over a half hour said we have until January 16th. However, with what is currently going on now, we're not really trusting who/what was told us, as it could have been "just anyone" just to shut us up.


And with people needing to work from home in this country, why is Best Buy contracting out of country instead of their own personnel who might be at home needing the work? 

And when/how will this problem be resolved? We'd like the documentation about the TV as well as the Geek Squad. Or if you so desire, come and get the TV and I'll order it from another electronics dealer. Just make sure you refund our money first!


How/why Best Buy would do customers in this fashion is beyond me.



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Re: Received TV but no documentation.

If you purchased Geek Squad protection this is on your My Best Buy account when you log in under active plans.

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Re: Received TV but no documentation.

Protection plan brochures are emailed to the email attached to your rewards account. It is not uncommon to see modern email services deliver this sort of thing to the junk bin, with all the spam that is out there many email services are overly aggressive.

Good news is there is always a way to pull it through your account as hockeycanuckjc mentioned as well as a way to pull it by date range via the support portions of Best

Based on your date range and product type, here is a direct link to the pdf from
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Re: Received TV but no documentation.

The problem is that as far as Best Buy is concerned, a TV was never delivered. There has been no receipt or acknowledgment of a TV being delivered. Yet Best Buy has payment of the TV, but has removed the 5-year Geek Squad protection for it.


Phone calls have proved to be less than helpful. And being on hold for a half hour or more waiting for someone out of country to answer is more than frustrating, especially in these times. And even worse when all of the waiting and phone calls prove to be a waste of time, effort and energy.

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Re: Received TV but no documentation.

Hi, jclarke.


Thank you for writing to us about your experience. We greatly appreciate the opportunity to assist.


A large portion of our workforce is currently working from home all over the U.S.


I'd like to address this issue with your Geek Squad Protection (GSP) plan. To get started, can you please send me a private message with your full name, email address, and phone number? You can send me a private message by logging into the forum and clicking on the blue button across from my signature on this post.



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Re: Received TV but no documentation.

Just so y'all know, WE HAVE called Geek Squad! Repeatedly! They're the ones who have made a mess of this! They're the ones who obviously haven't done what they're being paid/contracted to do!


Why should we spend more of our time and energy to be put on hold and then end up talking to someone out of country who will not or cannot do what Best Buy has contracted them to do. Why is it on us to do your job? We're not getting paid  to get something we have already paid for.


Why is you can't or won't just check? I've given you all of the information you've asked for yet you won't even call, and it seems won't or can't do much else about getting what we have paid for?


A 5-year Geek Squad Protection for our Samsung TV?