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Received Extra item that was not ordered.

I recently made a purchase on site for a single item worth ~$11 and it was successfully delivered, even early Smiley Happy.
But what has me perplexed is an Identical UPS shipping box with an identical shipping label containing a Roku Streaming Stick+ (3810R). I was not charged for this item, the tracking number did not report 1of2 or 2of2 and there is no packing slip information.

I know some people may wonder why I should bother. But if I received this item, it is possible someone else did not get it. In what seems like a life-time ago, I used to work at a brick-and-mortar BestBuy and know from both sides of the situation how frustrating situations like this can be.

After contacting the national support number and they mentioned to return it to a local store. I also contacted a local store and they reluctantly suggested the same thing.

The nearest physical store is ~40 minutes away and if/where it is to be returned, I am hoping bestbuy will send me a shipping label as to not make me expend to much time and fuel on trying to drop off an item that costs me more in time than the item itself.
What am I to do with this item?

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Re: Received Extra item that was not ordered.

Hello, 64bit,


Thanks for taking the time to connect with us here on the Best Buy Forums. It’s always nice to hear from our customers, and learning you’re a former Blue Shirt is an added surprise. Speaking of surprises, receiving a duplicate shipment would be one for the books. I actually received an unexpected package recently that was intended for someone else, and I would not have felt right if I did not inform the sender. We sincerely appreciate you reaching out to let us know, and we’d be happy to see if we might have any alternate options to provide.


To proceed, we’d need to access your order history within our system. When convenient, please send a private message, which you can do by selecting the darker blue button to the far right of my name below. Your full name, email address, and telephone number would be required. If you have the order number handy, be sure to include that as well.


Kind regards,

Sarah|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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