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Receipt and Order Summary Copies

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For Online Purchases

To find a receipt for completed orders, you can get a copy of your receipt online:


• Sign in to see your orders & purchases.
• Select your order.
• Select "Print Receipt."


If you checked out as a guest or if you don’t know your login information, you can still check your order status and print a receipt online. You'll need to provide your order number, last name and phone number. Be sure to use your complete order number, including the BBY01- or BBYTX- prefix, and refrain from using punctuation when inputting the phone number.

Forum Moderators are unable to provide copies of online receipts or order summaries.




For In-Store Purchases


To get a receipt for a purchase you made in a Best Buy store, visit the Customer Service counter at the store most convenient to you. If you paid by credit card, bring the credit card you used for the purchase and your ID. If you are a My Best Buy member, your receipt can be looked up by the phone number, email address, or My Best Buy Member number. Receipt copies can also be sent via email by calling (888) 237-8289. We may be unable to provide receipts for purchases made more than two years ago, or for purchases paid for using cash or check.

If the above steps did not work for you, please send one Moderator a private message for assistance. Moderators will have usernames that end in -BBY. Please be aware that we are experiencing a high contact volume, and it may take an extended period of time to receive a response. Please do not send in any credit or debit card numbers or bank account information. If a receipt copy can be located, it will be provided to you via email. In your message, please include all the following information:


• Your full name
• Your email address
• Your phone number
• The exact total of your purchase in U.S. dollars including tax
• The exact location that you visited
• The exact date of your visit
• The items that were purchased



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I need help with tracking a cell phone purchase

I purchased a cell phone a month or so ago in my local best buy. I need somebody to help me look up the purchase by serial number. Just from returning stuff with serial numbers you clearly see that history is recorded. Question is will they help me out? The coin shortage in the country is comparable to mine at home.... Jk... Every dollar counts right now and I would appreciate any help you can give me. Thanks

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Errors trying to send private message !!!!!

I just composed a private message.  Because I was missing a subject, I got an error, so I put in the subject.  Then I got a message in red saying HTML in my message was no longer available and was removed, that must be there from a cut and paste from what I was trying to show.  Then I clicked send again and got an error saying I can't send it now because I am limited in the number of messages I can send.  This is CRAZY!!!!!  I spent a lot of time creating that message and then I get an error like that after two errors with corrections?  


Here is the private message I was sending to someone that is already private messaging me and working on my issues: 


You don’t have any orders or in-store purchases"

This isn't true.  I have made many purchases online and in store.  For example on Best Buy main page, when I click on "Hi Scott", I get a dropdown showing "My BestBuy".  There, I see these which I copied below, yet when I click below them on See all past purchases  I get the message, You don’t have any orders or in-store purchases.  This is not the case!

Past Activity
Picked Up.Picked up on Dec 3, 2020 at West La, CA.
View Order

Picked Up.Picked up on Oct 30, 2020 at West La, CA.
View Order
I am returning some of these items to Amazon, since I got them from you at a better price.  Here I am on the last day of eligible Amazon returns and your web site won't show my complete purchase history.  It only shows the 2 most recent purchases.  
Can you please send me ALL of my receipts for 2020, as there are probably less than 10.   And please let me know when this will be fixed so I can see all of my purchase history, without having to go on the forum and request them.  
Also, when I click on Protection Plans and "See all your plans and subscriptions", it shows my purchases of 5 appliances.  Among them, is one I cancelled and never received: LG - 30.6 Cu. Ft. French Door Smart Refrigerator Model: LFCS31626S SKU: 1072005 Purchased: 04/20/2017 at WEST LA CA.  
I have received receipt copies from you of only these 2 of the appliances:
LG - 29.6 Cu. Ft. French InstaView Door-in-Door Smart Wi-Fi Enabled Refrigerator Model: LFXS30796S SKU: 5736200 Purchased: 07/15/2018 at WEST LA CA
Frigidaire - 250 Sq. Ft. Window Air Conditioner  Model: FFRA0622U1  SKU: 6175515  Purchased: 09/16/2018 at WEST LA CA
Missing from this list of my protection plans are 2 other appliances that I am also still waiting for receipt copies from you. An LG Washer and Dryer.   Please advise

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2nd copy of invoice Iphone X

My friend bought my iphone X about 3 years ago at the beginning of 12/2017, at your store next to Aventura Mall, I need the invoice. How do I get it? If I pass the IMEI on my cell phone, can you locate it?

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Re: 2nd copy of invoice Iphone X



They're not going to give you an invoice from another customer's purchase. Maybe if your friend has a Best Buy account,  they can look it up.

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I bougth a Go Pro 7 Silver in march 2019.

My device has a defect and I need the receipt of purchase to use the warranty.

I bought it in a store in miami, on 03/16/2019.

can you help me, please?

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Lost Microsoft Office Product Key



I made in-store purchase of a new laptop and microsoft office on 12/26/2020.  Unfortunately I lost the receipt with the product key before we could apply it.  I put this on my best buy card, so I can verify the purchase that way.

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Re: Copy of Ipad Mini 2 receipt with serial number

can u also help me with that?Smiley Sad
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Proof of purchase for warranty

Hello, i purchased a PlayStation 4 Pro from Bestbuy a few months ago and it needs to be sent in for the warranty. The order was placed over the phone and i need proof of purchase. The points for the order weren't credited to my account either. I'm not sure if i should post the order number or dm it. Thanks.

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I need help - Invoice

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in december 2018 i bought a Fitbit Alta HR on The invoice never arrived in my email, I can get the receipt at the website but I need the Invoice because my insurance is asking for it. How can I get it? 


Order Number: {removed per forum guidelines}

Purchase Date: Dec 09, 2018


Thank you