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Really Poor Customer Service

I called the Customer Service Line twice today for assistance with an online purchase. The calls had wait times of 30 and 42 minutes, for which I used the call back feature, which worked great. The first person that I spoke to gave me incorrect information. The second person that answered could not resolve my issue, I asked who I could speak to that could help and was told that I would need to call back when a manager was available. Not that I would know when a manager was available. I told them that I called twice already and I would like a manager to call me back. I was told again that I would need to call back. The person that I spoke with not necessarily rude, but waited between 30 and 90 seconds each time they responded to a question. Pretty sure that they were doing it to either waste time and prolong the call or just irritate me. I was on the phone with them for about 20 minutes. I have been a customer of BB for many years and have always had pretty good luck with their products and service, but was completely and utterly disappointed with my experience for this purchase.


How are unresolved customer service issued escalated if the customer service agent does not have a mechanism or person to escalate to?