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Re: Still waiting for a refund.

Did you ever get your refund? I am currently having the same problem sent an item back it was received 8 days ago and still no refund. Contacted via chat was told the refund was approved but they for whatever reason didn't put the card in to process the refund. She said It would be done soon and I would receive a notification email but of course I received no email at all. So I decided to call customer service. That was horrible. Spent 45 minutes on the phone with no resolution. I honestly think the customer service rep was playing a game on the other end and just seeing how long I would sit on hold. This is unacceptable when I send an item back to Amazon I am refunded as soon as UPS scans the item. I'm ready to put in a dispute with discover because I know they will at least have my back! One thing is for sure I will never ever shop best buy again. A quick Google search about best buy not processing refunds we'll show you all you need to know. This is a scam and they need to be held accountable. Think of how much money they're making by holding everyone's refunds It's the holidays and the last thing I need to be doing is constantly calling customer service to keep tabs on my money not to mention wasting 45 minutes and getting nowhere. As I said they have definitely lost a customer here.
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Re: Still waiting for a refund.

Hello, Kgaschel,


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Having issues with a return and receiving the credit can be difficult. I am glad to help you with finding the best possible solution at this time to assist you. I would need to get a Private Message with your full name, email and phone number with information on your order so that I may look into this for you. You can use the link that shows up on my signature below to start the Private Message. I will also attach out Return and Exchange Policy for your information as well in case we don't get a response through Private Message.



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Re: Still waiting for a refund.

I never have gotten it, it is F@@cking ridiculous it has been like 8 months