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Re: Received my order with the wrong item in the right packaging

Had the same thing happen to me.... I ordered a camera lens (tameron 70-200 lens) and was all excited for it to come in only to find that what I ordered was not what was in the box😩. The packaging was correct but the item inside was not. Not sure if this was an open box item, but it was not listed as such when I ordered it. I was really upset and now in a bind. I returned the lens immediately to the store and explained to them what was going on. Not really sure where the merchandise is shipped from, but that was a lot of money to spend and not have the correct item. I needed the lens today for a session, and the don't carry that lens in the store.  Lucky I was able to borrow one from a photographer friend... I just don't understand... that person had one job.. 

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Re: Received my order with the wrong item in the right packaging

They generally don’t open the boxes to make sure the item is right, that generally happens when the item was returned. In fact, a wrong item in the box seems to point to the item possibly being evidence of return fraud during the previous transaction. Not sure who dropped the ball here, but if it’s an open item that was not correct the return was the right choice. Open items are generally one of a kind items and not exchangeable.
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