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Re: Problem with Apple Pay

I recently (8/14/19) went to make a purchase on the BestBuy app and after seeing my total realized I could pay with ApplePay.  When I chose that option, without changing a single thing, the total price went up.  When I went back to choose my debit card to pay, the total went back to the original.


When I called Customer Service, they said it was something Apple was responsible and gave me the number to contact Apple Support.  When I called, them, they were not aware of the situation and stated that they never charge a fee for ApplePay to the cutomer or the company.  BestBuy is charging a percentage based fee and getting away with it because some people never even pay attention!

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Re: Problem with Apple Pay

There is something else going on in your situation, I use Apple Pay at Best Buy frequently and there has never been a fee charged for using it.  It is also against the CC Merchant Agreements to do so.  I'd encourage you to work with the moderator who replies to your post to find out what is changing in that instance.  My guess?  Apple Pay and Paypal both have an address attached to them.  Is this order for pickup or delivery?  When picked up, you pay the tax rate of the store where you are picking the item up  and on delivery you pay the tax rate where the delivery is occurring.  If the delivery address when placing the order and Apple Pay credit card address (where it's going to deliver unless modified) are different, the taxes could be different and the pricing changes as well. Anyways, that's all speculation but a moderator should be able to assist within a few days.

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