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Re: Place order bottom doesn't work

I haven't been able to purchase anything online for the last 4 or 5 days. I have the exact same problem. No one has bothered to reply on their twitter support either. I keep seeing them reply to other people, and have deleted and retweeted them a few times, and they just keep responding to others instead. I can't make it past the "place your order" button. If I'm on my browser, it just hangs there and doesn't do anything. If I'm on the mobile app, it scrolls back up to the top of the page and sits there. It seems like Best Buy doesn't want our money, so I'm gonna give it till the weekend, and then buy the products elsewhere.

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Re: Place order bottom doesn't work

I read that another guy on the forums had the problem for a month. How in the world does a company selling tech/electronics not have a fix for a simple command like place order? People online and over the phone literally do not have a solution for the problem. I hope it is resolved before my best buy credit expires. It is frustrating.
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Re: Place order bottom doesn't work

I do not believe the issue with not being able to place orders online has anything to do with Best Buys system. They are successfully taking thousands of online orders every day. I just ordered someting myself on Monday and it arrived yesterday.


Steps to take


Try using a different browser

Clear your browser history, cahce and cookies. For most browsers press Control  H to start the process.

Check your secuity settings on your browser. If you have high security that could be blocking you.

Make sure you can accept cookies


Check to see how much available space you have on your HDD.  if you have little to none clear some up.

Go to someone elses house and use their computer

Log into your home router and see if any settings are there for online security.


Chances are good the first 4 suggestions should take care of your issue.

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Re: Place order bottom doesn't work

Hello DomGreco,


Welcome to our community.  I tend to shop online quite often simply because it's usually more convenient for me rather than driving to a store and waiting in lines.  I'm sure I'd feel quite distraught if I couldn't complete my purchase online, and I regret the clear inconvenience this situation created for you.


Using the information you used to join our forums, I was able to locate your conversation with my teammate, Kenny, on our Twitter channel.  It looks like you should be all set, but if you have any further questions, I'd encourage you to reach out to Kenny as he would be in the best position to address any additional concerns you may have.


Thank you for writing to us.

Sam|Retired Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: Place order bottom doesn't work

It still didn't work. There are 1000s ordering online, of course, and I am very happy that you were able to place an order and receive it. Thank you for that. However, it seems many are still struggling to order after literally following all the steps given. I am not the only one with the issue, it seems, either.