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Re: Pixel 3a is delayed?

I am in the same situation as the orginal poster. Damianmr27, have you gotten your Pixel 3a yet.


I also ordered my phone  (Unlocked Black Pixel 3a) on 5/10/19 for pickup at my local store with pickup date  of 5/20. I also got the same email message.  I spoke to chat reperesentative who told me that order would be ready by end of the day on 5/21 and i would receive email for pickup. 5/22 arrived no pickup email, i figured someone just missed processing order. Went to local store and they told me they were waiting for inventory until 5/26, still nothing. I kept checking local store stock and pickup date kept shifting to 5/30 and 6/5.


So on 5/28 decided to switch my order to ship to my house, since it said i can have it deliverd by 5/29 (next day). 5/29 came and i got email my order was delayed.  This made no sense.


Today 5/30, I went to a store near my work (which showed availability online). I asked the customer reps at the store if they had it it stock and if I switched my order to their store if they could fullfill it. They said yes it would take 20 minutes. I changed back from shipping to the store i was in, came back 45 minutes later.  Store reps didn't get the order, so they called thir help desk to check on it.  Help desk said they couldn't release item for pickup since it was backordered.  


Backordered?  They showed instock online and in store (store they confirmed they had it).


I spend the next 2 hours with Best Buy online chat representative trying to get an answer why my order was backordered when I local store had inventory and why their site said i can have it delivered by next day.  He kept telling me as per their updates it was delayed, he even spoke with his supervisor. Ultimately we went in circles and he kept telling me I had to wait for email confirmation to pickup, but couldn't tell me when that would be.


I still don't have my phone and have no idea when or if I will ever get it.  Store reps and online chat said I could cancel my online order and purchase it from the store, but if I do that I lose out on the $100 gift card Best Buy was running earlier in the month.


This whole thing doesn't make sense,  I can order or buy the Pixel 3A now and get it today/tomorrow, but my order from 5/10/19 is backordered?

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Re: Pixel 3a is delayed?

Hi, willgomes, 


Thanks for your post to us here on the Support Forums! 


We'd be happy to take a look into your order with you to see how we can help you out. I know this issue isn't any fun to have to deal with, and I apologize for the troubles that you've faced with this so far. For us to get started, can you send us a Private Message with your full name, email address, phone number and order number? You can send that message by clicking the blue button in my signature next to my name. 


Thanks so much,

Cameron|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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