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Re: Overcharged for Tax



I recently purchased a Vizio Soundbar on 10/29/20 on sale for $699.99. I received the soundbar on 10/30/20 and was very happy. On 11/11/20, I decided to purchase a 4 year protection plan for $119.99 on the soundbar and purchased the protection plan on  Instead of being charged  $119.99 for the protection plan, my bestbuy credit card was charged a total of $439.20 resulting from 2 separate transactions: 1. $112.67 dated 11/11/20 and 2. $326.53 dated 11/11/20. As a result , there was an overcharge of $319.21 which consisted of the following :

1. erroneously took away the sale price of $699.99 and increased to the original price of $999.99. 

2. Charged additional sales tax of $18.75 ($300 erroneous price increase x 6.25% sales tax)

3. Additional sales tax of 0.46 cents as I used Bestbuy reward certificates on the this order. $7.32 of reward certificates were reallocated towards the protection plan. There is no sales tax on the protection plan, therefore, I was charged an additional 0.46 cents of sales tax .

The total of the 3 erroneous adjustments= $319.21


I have called the bestbuy number for elite/elite plus members, regular and chatted but my issue has still not been resolved. I have attempted to contact Bestbuy 20 times, since 11/11/20 when the error occured on 


 The customer service overall is horrible as I have been hung up on, transferred to the incorrect dept many of the attempts along with most of the agents that I spoke to did not understand the issue even after providing a detailed explanation. I would like to note that 2 of the representatives I spoke to did fully understand and in which the 1st of these agents did create a case id for me but told me that this would be resolved within 48hrs, it is now 11 days .


I am really frustrated as I have contacted Bestbuy numerous times and still no resolution. 

Just want to inform you to please be aware when making a purchase on that was previously on sale, then deciding to add a protection plan at a later date , removes the sale price of the item and adjusts back to the original price without notifying the ELITE PLUS customer. I immediately caught this as I noticed the order totals all changed. REALLY UPSET  WITH BESTBUY NOW