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Re: Order cancelled and gift cards not refunded

I have the same issue. I placed an order on on June 21st. I received an e-mail on June 25th that my order was cancelled. The e-mail said: "Unfortunately, we experienced a problem verifying some of your information, so we had to cancel your order." Which makes no sense-- all of my information is accurate, same as other orders I placed without any problem.


Anyway, I used a gift card for partial payment and My Best Buy Visa card for the rest. When I attempted to place a new order later, the website says my gift card is now invalid. When I called the gift card number, it says the gift card is closed. 


I have spent hours speaking to different representatives about why my order was cancelled (still can't get a straight answer but honestly the least of my concern at this point) and about getting my gift card either immediately refunded or a new e-gift card e-mailed to me so I can place a new order. I have a birthday promotional offer that expires tomorrow that I want to use. 


After waiting an hour on hold, the representative tried to transfer me to someone else and I was immediately disconnected. I tried calling the physical gift card number and it goes nowhere and says to call 1888BestBuy.


I chatted with someone online and they basically gave me no information other than just keep waiting. The terms of the website say the refund should be back on the card within 30 minutes. It's been over 4 whole days now and still nothing. It's not even that my gift card says it has a ZERO balance, it says it's invalid or closed depending on where I check-- the website or by phone. This is extremely concerning. I want to use my funds now while I still have a promotional offer to use.


I even went into the store to get help in person and they wouldn't even try to look up my information or try to make a phone call for me to get me connected to someone that could fix the situation. Even though there was NOBODY in line for returns, he just kept repeating I can't help you. I explained I wanted to use my birthday promotion and he was even more condescending saying it's only 10% off a wire cord, it's basically worthless and that I shouldn't care about this offer. I've never experienced anything like this in my life. This is the worst customer service ever and really makes me not want to give any more of my business to Best Buy.


Someone should be able to fix this IMMEDIATELY. Days later and my money is still not available. PLEASE HELP!!!


P.S. I already sent a private message with all my personal details several days ago.

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Re: Order cancelled and gift cards not refunded

Can someone please respond and look into my gift card for me? I've tried calling twice since writing this post (besides the many other attempts I made to address this before). The first call I waited over an hour to speak with an agent. When I finally spoke with the agent, she had me on hold for a very long time and when she finally came back to give me some information, the called disconnected and I didn't get a call back. I called back a few minutes later, waited on hold another 50 minutes and then when it was finally my turn and dialed in to an agent, the call immediately disconnected. 


Please help me!!!

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Re: Order cancelled and gift cards not refunded

Hi there, crcruz86,


Welcome to our Best Buy forum community! 


Although I wish you were connecting with us under happier circumstances, I'm glad that you took the time share your shopping experience with us. That said, we appreciate how patient you've been while waiting for a reply. We're currently handling a larger volume than normal, but are working to get to everyone as quickly as we can.


Having an order cancel is never fun, but I can imagine it's even less so when you're not sure why the order cancelled in the first place. That would frustrate me as well! That's never a position we want our customers to be in, which is why we have the article "Why Was My Order Cancelled?". It goes over common reasons that can cause an order to be cancelled by our systems. 


That said, we know that sometimes the reason for an order cancelling can be more complicated than that, in which case we'd be happy to take a deeper look at what happened. I see that you sent us Private Messages with more details regarding your cancelled order. I'll check them out now, and respond there shortly!



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