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Re: Online Order Delayed Purgatory

Well at least I'm not alone in Online Order Delayed Purgatory. Here is a quick breakdown of my awful experience with Bestbuy online ordering and "Customer Service".


1.) Placed an onlineo order 01.02.20 of 3 small items and 1 large item (mac book pro). Within a few days 3 small items delivered without issue. The Mac Book Pro was scheduled to be delievered today (01.14.20). 


2,) on Monday 01.06.20 I recceived the first of a handful of emails from bestbuy stating "unable to process payment and that I had 24 hours to update my payment information or the order would be cancelled."


I thought this was odd since I was using my bestbuy credit card that had a blance of $0 and plenty or credit to cover the entire order. Regardless I updated the payment information (exactly as t was before). Yet the bestby website order status continued to state there was an issue processing my payment.


I gave up trying to resolve this issue myself and spent 3 hours (no exageration) on the phone with bestbuy customer service and Citibank customer service (since I used my bestbuy/citibank card). Six different reps. Each time it seemed we were close to a resolution and I actually found someone who could assist, the bestbuy rep would be disconnected or the Citibank rep would be disconnected. Three hours of this.


A gave up for the night and called back on 01.07.20 where I was assured there was no issue processing the payment; th at it had went through the day of the online order ( 01.02.20) and that my mac book pro laptop would in fact be delivered on 01.14.20 regardless of the bestbuy website still showing as issue processing payment. I chaulked it up to most likely some bug in the technology.


3.) As days went by I continued to reach out to bestbuy customer service (this time via their online chat function), I did this no less thatn three times. Each and every time being assured the order was all set and to make sure someone was home on 01.14.20 to sign for the delivery. As recent as yesterday (01.13.20) late afternoon I was assured of the 1.14.20 arrival. I wasn't optimistic at all that it would arrive since 1.13.20 afternoon turned to evenning and still no tracking email. I took today off 1.14.20 to be home for the signature at delivery.


4.) Woke up this morning to an email from bestbuy stating "there was a delay in my order, typically delays are resolved within 7 days...(and here's the kicker) we will keep your order open until Feb. 13, if your item is still not available by then we'll cancel the order and notify you by email." AWESOME ---REALLY!? happened between yesterday afternoon and this email!? Things happen, I get that, but the utter incompeitiency found within Bestbuy's "Customer Service" is infuriating. How about transparency and being proactive and getting ahead of the issue (they wasted plently of my time and had many opportunities to do what I would expect as a customer).


5.) At wits end I call the customer service department again. At this point evey customer service rep is inept as far as I'm concerned so I'm forced to play the, "Let me talk to your supervisor, Let me talk to your boss" game. Put on hold on and off for 20 minutes before speaking with the customer service rep's supervisor who was zero help. I then asked to speak with his supervisor. He replied he didn't have one. I asked if he had a boss, he said yes. Can I please speak with your boss? My boss is not a supervisor, he's a manager. Please let me speak to your manager (seriously dude). Well that manager could only tell me there was a delay, it was a 3rd party (apple), he couldn't provide me with any further info. I had to wait until and email on my order status. 


At this point I'm ready to go through the roof. I asked the "manager" if I could please speak with his boss. I was told he was the highest on the floor and at this time I couldn't speak with anyone else. It may have been a parrot for all I know beacuse he continued the same scrippted reponse.


6.) Trying to track down a good number and extention at bestbuy corporate hq in hopes of talking to someone that can give me some kinda of decent customer service. No luck.


So here I am. After spending $5k on an order, wasting hours and hours of my time for something that should be so painless. I have zero answers. Zero idea when and if my computer will arrive. I could not be more disgusted and furious over everything about this experience. 


Here's a free tip bestbuy upper management, cut your customer service department and save some money for your stockholder because it sure as hell isn't customer service.


Where to go from here? Any bestbuy reps out there competinent that can give me some answers? Make this right?


I won't hold my breath. 


Former long time bestbuy customer.



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Re: Online Order Delayed Purgatory

Hi there, User914232,


Welcome to the Best Buy Community Forums, and thank you for sharing your experience. 

I took the time to read over your post and I can certainly imagine the frustrations that have accompanied this online purchase that you made. I would be super excited to be receiving a new MacBook, and after everything you've described, I would also appreciate some help and information about what's going on. I hope that I'm able to help you out the best that I can with your order to make things as they should be. 


It sounds like there had been a delay in the processing of your order, as well as the issue with the payment method. While I know it was a headache to deal with, I'm glad that the payment method was approved and the order was proceeded. In regard to the delay, this email you'd received was an automated message that is sent when there is any kind of delay in shipping the order. While we don't anticipate this being delayed until February 13, this allows us amble time to be able to get this shipped to you before the order auto-cancels. Nonetheless, I'm more than happy to take a peek and see what's going on. 


Go ahead and send me a Private Message with your full name, email address, phone number and order number so that I can get started. In order to send me a Private Message, you can click on the blue button next to my name in my signature. 


I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Cameron|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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