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Re: One hour in store pickup still not ready 4 days later.

Apparently this is still an ongoing major issue and after we have been long time Best Buy customers we will no longer order from Best Buy. We have had this issue for the last couple of years every single online order "ready in 1 hour" purchase except 1 has been a disaster.
If the order dosen't get cancelled then usually they spend a half hour trying to find it after you gave up waiting hours for a notification that it's ready for pick up (definitely not ready in an hour) ever!
Our most recent experience this past weekend which finally made us say never again will we order from Best Buy went like this.
Ordered online waited almost 24 hours (still no notification) so we went to the store and waited 40 minutes for them to look for the item saying it hasn't been "picked" yet that they had 80 picks to do since opening. (We placed our order the day before and this was the next day at 5PM!) So came back and said they don't have any in stock. So we were told we could cancel the order/pick it up at another store in "1 hour"/have it shipped? So we chose to pick it up at another store in "1 hour" again 24 hours went by.... No notification so we go to the store again and we waited 30 minutes for them to look for it all the while there were 3 sitting on the store shelf. So they came back and said sorry we can't find this item so we asked if we could have that exact item from the store shelf? THEY SAID NO! We would have to buy one of those... Didn't make any sense at all why first you can't find the item yet it's sitting on the shelf and second why we would have to buy that item from the store when we already bought it online and just need to pick it up? ARE WE MISSING SOMETHING HERE OR ARE THESE EMPLOYEES THIS BAD???
In the end we have canceled most of them and ordered from Amazon.
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Re: One hour in store pickup still not ready 4 days later.

Hello, dmhill816, and welcome to our online community!


Thank you for reaching out to our support team on Best Buy's forum. Our store pickup option should be a fast and easy process for our customers, and I'm sorry that you've endured a string of issues with your past orders. I hate to hear that we dropped the ball on your recent purchase once again, and I can understand wanting answers as to what might have happened here.


That being said, I'd like the opportunity to dig into this a bit further. To do this, please first send me a private message including your full name, email, phone number, and the order number you are referring to in this case. We hate to hear you ended up cancelling your orders, and we would like to avoid this in the future as best as we can.


Looking forward to hearing from you,

Allison|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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