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Re: Never Received My Order

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I was given the Case ID: {removed per forum guidelines}for order numbers {removed per forum guidelines}and {removed per forum guidelines}.

I had placed my two orders with Best Buy. For some reason, Best Buy changed the zip codes on my address, and mailed my orders to a whole different borough. Now they’re telling me that they’re not gonna refund me my money because the packages are saying that they were delivered!

It appears that the result of Best Buy’s investigation is erroneous. Perhaps the Best Buy investigator was unclear as to the facts of this case. I never contested that the deliveries weren’t delivered. I contested that they got shipped to the wrong address, and as a result of such, I never received my orders.

I can’t go to the carrier because they aren’t the ones who sent it to the wrong address, Best Buy is. In the receipt that I have, I put one address, but upon checking on Best Buy’s end, Best Buy changed the zip code and sent it to a whole different borough in the city of New York. I have sent them proof of their error, and they are failing to acknowledge this.

Best Buy is telling me to contact the carrier, or law enforcement, but for what???

Best Buy took it upon itself to send these orders to a completely different zip code, so there is nothing for me to tell the carrier, or law enforcement. The carrier simply delivered it to the address that Best Buy gave them, so where’s the crime???

Please, I as a consumer did not do anything wrong here. Now Best Buy is locking me into a position where I have to fight to get my money back, when it is Best Buy that made the error.

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Re: Never Received My Order

Hey, zengjean26,


Welcome to the Best Buy Forums.


Thanks for reaching out about your recent order. Any issues during this process are not ideal, and we can understand wanting support here. We see that you sent another message as well on the Forums.


Keep an eye there for a follow up and additional information.



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