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Re: I paid $1100 for an empty box

I have this same problem with best buy currently regarding a Mac book that was ordered by the package was empty. I have called 10 times, filed complaints, reported it, promised a replacement, never received it, complaint closed without a return phone call, email or correspondences. After I called again to find out when my credit card would be credited with the first amount for a product I never received and followed all of their procedures to resolve amicably. Then I received a letter in the mail stating it was closed. So they expect me to pay for a product that was clearly stolen in their warehouse. The first CSR I spoke with initially stated that "oh this happens all the time unfortunately and I'm so sorry it happened to you. We will send a replacement and you should receive it within the week. Please have someone over 18 at home to sign for it. " It never arrived and I ordered the exact same product, color from them again and received it on 2 days. I don't mind paying for what I received. My issue is that I should bare the burden of paying for a laptop that was clearly stolen in their warehouse. I refuse to buy anything else from them until this issue is resolved and have told several forums about how difficult it has been to get my money refunded. The last manager on the phone didn't even bother to say good bye, have a nice day, sorry this happened to you, we are customer focused and appreciate your business or anything that may sound like she appreciated her job or position. She was so quick to push the problem on to the shipping company, no the weight does not match a laptop was ever in the box so they never had it, or anybody else that she hung the phone up without even verifying my email out phone number. Fortunately I record and quote down the time stamp, date, and persons name in speaking to and whether I was transferred or direct dialed. Why is the customer that was wronged and never received the product expected to pay for something they never received? How does this exemplify great or even good customer service? Where is the burden of the lack of checks and balances in the warehouse and shipping department to ensure all packages are shipped and verified that the product is completely in fact within the box prior to sealing it? Again, I ask why is it the customer who should be a companies primary concern, the one that bears the burden of no product and no refund? Again, not looking for more paperwork, blame shifting, rude phone calls from managers, just my refund for product never shipped nor received!!!!! Solve this internally and stop paying blame and responsibility onto your paying customers. Never again
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Re: I paid $1100 for an empty box

Hello, yblass, and thank you for sharing your issue with us.


I'm sorry to hear that you've had this happen to you. I'm not sure it is the most common occurrence for our customer as you were previously informed, however that doesn't take away from the fact that it may have happened to you.  When you called and reported it through one of our customer service representatives, were you provided with any case numbers?  If you were, please don't share it here, but please send my a private message with that information along with your full name, email address and phone number.  Also if you have the order number that shows the purchase of that computer, please include that as well.


I look forward to hearing from you.

Derald|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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