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Re: How to delete my best account due to poor customer service

I had the same issue today. I placed an order via their Website and then I get a text and email telling me the order was cancelled because they couldn't verify my information. I called Customer support and talked to 2 people and they verified my information as well as the bank that holds the card. They said I should be able to make the purchase and to try again. I placed the order again and the same thing happened. I called Customer Support again and they pretty much asked if I had an alternate form of payment. I told them that if I was going to use another card, then there isn't any reason for me to buy this from Best Buy, the only reason I was ordering this from Best Buy was for the 24 month financing. If I Cant use my Best Buy card on the Best Buy website, then I really have zero reason to shop with Best Buy at all. I can go to Amazon and get stuff cheaper and faster. The person on the phone kept going on making suggestions that weren't solving the problem so I just hung up on them.