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Re: Fraudulent Charge! Store 0994!

I have read through many posts about this on here. Best Buy, you don't seem to want to take any responsibility. You say there are many places that the credit card info could be stolen. In my case it was stolen through your website. I made a purchase that totaled over $2700 for multiple items. I chose to pick up all items at a local store. The total purchase came through in multiple smaller charges as pieces were released for pick-up, but they all showed as "BESTBUYCOM" followed by the order number. None of them said 0994, despite the purchase being through your online store. Then I was charge over $2600 From Store 0994 Richfield. Your site was hacked and someone stole our credit card info!

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Re: Fraudulent Charge! Store 0994!

The 0094 Richfield store is what shows up for online orders placed through the Best Buy web site. That means that someone probably got ahold of your credit card information and used it to place the order.

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Re: Fraudulent Charge! Store 0994!

I also just received a notification from my bank.
A $282.67 debit card transaction to BESTBUYCOM 0994 on 12/06/2018 12:18:21 AM EST
I called my bank immediately and learned that the charges had already been reversed and credited to my account. It’s great that BestBuy caught the fraud and credited my account but I want to know who, and how the charge occurred, as well as what was supposedly purchased. BestBuy customer service could not bring up ANY information as to the purchase and subsequent refund. The representative was also unaware that this issue is so rampant that there are customers on their own forums talking about this exact same occurrence.
Get with it BestBuy, I’m afraid to shop at your stores or online.