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Re: Digital Card Keeps getting canceled

Hi AndrewB-BBY,


Why would the Best Buy website provide customers with the option of choosing the Gift Card method for gift cards? Also, why would there not be any explanation of this via e-mail or on the best buy website when the customer is signed in? All it tells the customer is, "Your order was cancelled" with no explanation.


I've been encountering the exact same issue. This is leading to an awful customer experience and can easily be addressed with some simple junior programming by this large Fortune 500 company. 

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Re: Digital Card Keeps getting canceled

Hey, jchason7!


Thanks for joining our online community and posting your payment method concerns. 


While it may not be directly stated when an order is cancelled, the Best Buy Gift Cards Frequently Asked Questions page states Best Buy Gift Cards cannot be used to purchase another Best Buy Gift Card. I do understand your concern, though, with this error not being outlined at the time of a failed order attempt. I would suggest posting that recommendation to our IdeaX page. We are always looking to make improvements to best serve our customers.


All the best,

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