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Re: Damaged Steelbooks!

I would like to add to this concern as a collector and longtime customer. I stopped having steelbooks delivered because of damaged copies however several now were only available for shipping. I received The Hobbit with a huge dent but accepted it since it was only the outside box and the steelbooks were fine. Today I received Bavk To The Future in a bubble bag completely smashed. It was only available for shipping and worst I purchased with a reward certificate which makes returns more difficult. I don’t want to keep going through the hassle of purchasing and returning to get an unsmashed copy. I love my collection which mostly was purchased at Best Buy and want to continue however this is becoming a hassle. Please consider using boxes or more protective wrapping to ship steelbooks in the future.
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Re: Damaged Steelbooks!

Welcome to our community, Dreamfinder.


Like you, I have various collections of which I'm very proud, including movies and music. And I've had new and exciting purchases arrive in ... less that stellar condition, shall we say. I regret that this has been your experience in receiving shipment from Best Buy.


While I understand that the option to return or exchange a product and hope the the next one is in pristine shape is less than optimal, you always have the option under our Return & Exchange Promise, as you know. If this is consistently occurring, you may wish to order items for in store pickup where possible.


I appreciate you taking the time to share your feedback with us. I will ensure your remarks are made available to our corporate partners. Please know I'm grateful you wrote to us with your concerns.

John|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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