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Re: Bait and switch

I suspect Best Buy is engaging in Bait and Switch techniques.  I purchased a TV today, about 8 am on November 23, listed for $149.99 by adding to my "cart."  I was asked to log in, which I did, and entered my payment information, but when I saw the final screen, the TV was not included and the total changed immediately.  I went through with my transaction on the other items I purchased, but the TV was  not included.  I was told it was sold out, but it was not sold out as I was entering the payment information.


I spoke with "chat" from Best Buy and they said too bad. 


When I picked up other Items at Best Buy at about 9:30 AM on Nov. 23, I spoke with the manager who said that happens all the time and that it has been going on for some time.  He suggested that Best Buy should have a notice that the purchase in not accepted until the order is completed, rather than suggesting that you continue shopping.  He told me that there are numerous complaints about this process.  In any event, I wish to receive the TV that I ordered (or equivalent) for the price advertised of $149.99.  I also wish that Best Buy update their website to avoid such errors in the future.  This is a classic case of Bait and Switch.


I  have filed a complaint to the Attorney General.

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Re: Bait and switch

Hello, tedskier,


Welcome to the Best Buy Forums.


I missed out on a new shoe drop a few weeks ago because I was not able to get through the checkout process before they sold out, It was definitely frustrating. When an item is placed in your cart on the item is not reserved so it may possibly sell out prior to completing the checkout process. The order itself is not created until the checkout process has been completed. This is to avoid issues where we have items in inventory but they cannot be sold, because they are just hanging out in people's carts on I would be happy to see what options we may have for you in this instance, can you send a Private Message with the information below? You should be able to send a Private Message by clicking the button to the right of my signature below!



E-mail Address

Phone Number

SKU of television on

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Re: Bait and switch

After five days of communications with the Social Media expert at Best Buy, I was told, in essence, too bad.  My concern was dismissed, as though my post had not been read.


My concern was that the TV I was purchasing was REMOVED from my basket as I was typing in my credit card number to purchase it, with no warning.  My screen blinked and the other items were there and the one I was purchasing was gone.


I understand the issue of leaving an item in the basket for a time, but this was unreasonable.  It is as though Best Buy took an item out of my physical basket while I was in line to pay. 


If others would like to join this complain with the Attorney General, please reply here.

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Re: Bait and switch

Hi, tedskier,


Black Friday pricing is available on that day only and is not subject to our Price Match Guarantee. Your request to match a Black Friday sale price is not something that we can accommodate. I would encourage you to read our Price Match Guarantee closely for full terms and conditions.


I do apologize that the item sold out prior to you being able to purchase it. However, with the volume of sales done on Black Friday, this can sometimes occur. There is an order confirmation screen prior to checkout that allows you to see the items being purchased. Here is some additional information regarding our Holiday FAQs.

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