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RTX 3070 Order help + Rude customer service



This morning I was able to add an EVGA 3070 to the shopping card, after selecting Paypal for checkout and completing the paypal steps, I got an error message in the BestBuy website about not been able to use that payment form.

After adding my credit card, I did the steps again but I encountered the same error.

I did however, get an "You submitted an order" email from paypal, even containing a BBY order number.


At this point I needed to find out if my order went thru or not, so I decided to call the Bestbuy support phone number (this was around 9:20 EST), after explaining the situation the first person they transferred me to another department, I believe it was "sales"


After over 40 minutes of waiting, a lady answers the call (about 10:10am EST), but as soon as I mentioned it was about the 3070 videocard, she began cutting me off, saying stuff like "the website got overwhelmed" and "we cant do anything as its all sold out"; I was even unable to explain my full situation before she hung up.


I am very disappointed on how rude that person was, I understand that its a stressful time and that they are tired of hearing the same story all morning, but please have some basic customer service manners.


I had to call again, but luckely the person that answered at least attempted to help, and informed me that he was unable to find my BBY order number, and that it seems the order didnt go thru. if necessary, I also gota case number from this rep.


So, I am making this post with the hope that (1) something can be done to look further into my order attempt, and (2) to make a formal complain regarding that "sales" lady that hung up on me, without even giving me a chance or attemting any kind of customer service.