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Re: Sale of high end graphics cards (RX 6800 XT & RTX 3080)

Might have missed the announcement on the front page, I'll copy and paste it here:


"Welcome to our Best Buy Community Forums. Due to high incoming post volume, our current response time is 7-8 days. Please review floated posts and solutions posted, as this may assist you in answering your concerns. For more immediate assistance, please contact us at (888) 237-8289. We do not have any information as to when more PS5 or Xbox Series X/S pre-orders will be available."


I've bolded the most relevant details, unfortunately the graphic card shortage has the same importance level as the rest of the issues customers have reached out about.  The moderators appreciate your patience as they help the customers who posted before you.

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Re: RTX 3060 ti mess

I'm not sure what you guys expect them to say, even if they do respond at some point, I promise you they will only mention high demand and apologize you've missed it and whatnot.


I share your frustration... I was also trying to get this one, which reminds me, can someone tell me what time Best Buy actually makes them available? I was waiting and refreshing for hours and it never showed anything other than Coming Soon. I was also on Newegg, where it went from Coming Soon to Sold Out in a second. Apparently they had another drop a few hours later and many people were able to order them, but I was at work and had no idea. It's not fair, sure, but no amount of complaining will change anything. They're gone. 


I think Best Buy wants them to be picked up in stores to help fight scalpers, and that's a good thing, but maybe their systems weren't set up properly, or more likely just overwhelmed due to the demand. 


Unfortunately it's the game. We missed out, whatever the reason may be, there are hundreds of thousands of guys and gals just like us, in the same boat. We have to keep looking and/or waiting. What I don't understand is why not just take pre-orders, verify they're real customers and fulfil them as they get inventory? I honestly think it would help. People would not buy from scalpers if they can place an order and expect it to be fulfilled a few weeks later, and then there would be no benefit for scalpers to scalp. It would work itself out.