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We have an appliance order that need to be returned. Scheduled return pickup 3 times and the items are sitting at our house still!  


1st appointment - Waited 6 hours, the guys showed up last minute, we were told no space in the truck, so had to reschedule


2st appointment - Waited another 6 hours, no show, no headsup no calls nothing


3st appointment - The best part! Waited another 6 hours from 2pm-8pm. Got a call at 4:42pm saying they are running late, should be here around 6-7pm, so I waited until 7:15pm and it came to my mind it would be another no show, so I decided to head home (the pickup is at our new house that we haven't moved in yet). On my way back at 7:31pm, we got a call from the driver and an email confirming their arrival was in 10-15mins, so I turned around and went back to the new house AGAIN...At 7:44pm, another guy called and told me their truck was down, so cannot make it, WHICH IS A TOTAL LIE. It was just too late for them to come! Why did you make the calls and send the email in the first place!!?? Is this some kind of game or something?? Tom and Jerry?? Is this fun??


I don't know how Best Buy operates, I guess the guys don't get paid as much for returns so nobody wants to take it. 


SO this morning I called customer service 2 times, I was being transferred all over the place with long hold on the phone, and then by the time I got to speak with a totaltech rep, I was put on hold again and then got disconnected. Two times like this!!


We paid the TotalTech membership to get service like this?? We've spent over 20 hours on this return and the items are still here, not to say we had to take work off just to wait for the pickup!!! We have never experienced anything close to this from any other companies! 


This is more than ridiculous there's no word for it.


We need a compensation and a resolution!


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Hello and thanks for reaching out on our Forums, Imandy0700!


Getting a pickup should be easy and we understand your frustration from this experience. We would like to assist you.


Could you send me a private message with the following information? You can do this by clicking the "Private Message" button in my signature.


  • Full Name
  • Phone Number
  • Email
  • Order Number

I look forward to hearing from you.



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