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Question on pricing on

I’m getting ready to purchase the 55inch LG CX oled tv in a few days. And the price was listed as $1,399 for a couple of weeks and now it went up to $1,499. Is there anyway I can price match that $1.399 price? Much appreciated
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Re: Question on pricing on



Best Buy won't price match a prior promostion or sale. Different things go on sale all the time, baced on inventory levels, demand, maybe manufacturer kick backs... I'm sure they have a system, but if you missed the sale, they don't match that price even a day later, you just have to wait for another window to buy it on sale or pick something else. I almost missed a sale price by 5 minutes once. While shopping on the web site, the price changed right in front of my eyes, and the only thing that saved me that time was the fact I already had the item in a cart, so it still refrected the lower price at checkout. That was close.