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Purchased New Item online but Delivered with a used package from previous owner

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I placed an order on 7/25/2022, and it was delivered really fast on the same day shipping.

But, the item I received was an open-boxed and resealed one.

The last shipping label on the box indicated it was delieverd on 06/23/2022, with UPS tracking number {removed per forum guidelines}.


I was not able to leave my house due to physical disability, so I request the exchange service or coming to front dooor picking up.


The customer agent insisted that I should drop this one to the nearby UPS store or the BestBuy store, which was impossible for me to do so.


The box is very large one for me to carry, and it was not my fault to get a used item but pay for the new one.

If BestBuy cannot take responsibility, this could result a misleading and cheating on sales.


I hope BestBuy could give me a reasonable and satisfied solution at the end.




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Re: Purchased New Item online but Delivered with a used package from previous owner

Hello, Mdzz, 


Welcome to our Best Buy Support forums! While I wish you were reaching out to us under better circumstances, I'll be happy to look into this with you. I know that I would want to receive a product in the best condition so I can understand  how you might be feeling. I'd like to see what options we may have at this time. Can you please send me a private message with your name, phone number, email address, and the order number? To send me the message, you can simply click the blue button to the right of my signature. 



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