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Purchase at, product return via UPS,but refuse to refund

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I purchased a desktop via, however, it doesn't fit my desk so I requested for a refund, Best buy return center sent me a prepaid postage by UPS.  I returned the desktop via UPS and UPS website showed the desktop has been delivered back to bestbuy.  However, after more than a week I still haven't received any confirmation, so I tried to use the live chat, the live chat person says bestbuy never received the returns and therefore no record found, without any further investigation he disconnected me.  I tried to call 1-888-BESTBUY at business hour, I never got a chance to speak to anyone and it get disconnected.  I have tried to contact bestbuy in both method many times and couldn't get it resolved.  My order nymber is {removed per forum guidelines} and my UPS return tracking number is {removed per forum guidelines}.  Again, I got this returned postage by bestbuy returns center, so that's no way that bestbuy cannot tracked it.  It really make me think that they just took my return but refuse to refund.  I have lose confidence to shop at best buy with this type of services.  Staples anf traget have way better service than this.

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Re: Purchase at, product return via UPS,but refuse to refund

There is a sticky at the top of this forum that is called "Returns Center Refunds - Please Read".  


Here's the link:


They are currently taking longer than that to process returns due to COVID-19.  While the tracking number would confirm it was delivered to the returns dock, it is likely among hundreds of others that are processed first in first out.  Thecurrent estimate for a time to reach out and be concerned is 15 days. The folks on chat and 1-888-BestBuy can only see if it's processed or not with the tools.

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