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Providing Customer Satisfaction - The Key to Retail Survival in a COVID-19 World?

I am so stressed out trying to do what I thought would have been an easy experience.


Last week I purchased the latest iPad to replace my old broken iPad 2. I also bought the new cover/keyboard, case and pen.


A few days later my mother asked me to get her the same package I bought so she could stay connected and had something to use while she is alone in her home.


When I went back to buy the second package, the price had increased.


I called and called and waited on hold for hours to see if someone could help me get the same items I had just purchased for the same price.


But I was told is to keep waiting and watching to see if it changes back. Really?


I checked Amazon and they currently have the same price as Best Buy.


But the Amazon Customer service rep told me to call in the morning when the managers are there and they will either adjust the price or give me a gift card for the difference.


What a relief. In order to survive, companies must change their ways to make customer experiences good.


Doesn't Best Buy realize stores are having to close?


And they may be next if they don't make their customers want to shop with them.