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Provide a Valid Promo Code?

So, when attempting to purchase something on, I entered a Gift Card's # and tried to continue, but my response I was given was "Provide a Valid Promo Code". When Checking the Balance of the Gift Card is says the Amount is clearly there. I double and triple checked the #'s of the Gift Card when entering them and every time it just said the same thing that I needed a Valid Promo Code.


How do I go about solving this issue?

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Re: Provide a Valid Promo Code?



How exactly are you entering them? Are you absolutely certain you are entering them in the correct spot? Promo codes and gift cards are possibly two different areas from what I've observed.

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Re: Provide a Valid Promo Code?

I enter it in the section that appears when you click "Use a Best Buy Gift Card, Discount Code or Store Credit". I am entering them by pressing the same #'s on my keyboard that are on the area of the Gift Card that you scratch off to reveal the #'s you use. Obviously. But when entering it in that area where it is supposed to be entered because it is a Gift Card I end up receiving that "error" you could call it.
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Re: Provide a Valid Promo Code?

Hello, Xerytl, and welcome to our online community!


Thanks for reaching out for support through our Forums. I'm sure you're excited to use your gift card on an online purchase, and I'd be looking for assistance with this as well if it wasn't adding to my order. It sounds like you're entering the gift card number and PIN in the correct area, so I'd be happy to look into this further to see what might be going on.

Please send me a Private Message including your full name, email, phone number, and the gift card number (please do not include the PIN). You can find the blue option to message me to the right of my name, below.



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