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Product return issues due to being active duty overseas

I had made a purchase for a tablet and it arrived defective the screen had a blue line going through it. So i got with support the day i got it and started to return it. The first customer rep said i would get the return label in 1-2 days. Day 3 rolls around and still no label, so i contact customer service again and was told the return label was never generated,  so now this customer rep attempts to create the label but says they are unable since i had it shipped to an APO box and that the only way for me to return it is to go directly to a store. The problem now is that im stationed in South Korea so there are no stores and i have to ship it to a family member back in the US and it takes 10-20 days for mail to make it to the US which will likely put me outside my return window and when i asked for an exception they said that they are unable to despite the product being defective and i had attepmted to start a return the day i received it. So while i sit here and hope it arrives before the 15 day window is there anything else i can do? I dont want to have to go to the base legal office but seeing as its for $1200 i will if left with no other option. 

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Re: Product return issues due to being active duty overseas

Thank you for your service Smiley Happy


If you bought this on or after October 24th you have an extended return policy here which can be seen here:


Otherwise if it was before this date, the standard 15 day return policy would apply which is also explained on the website. A Best Buy mod may be able to review your circumstances though and help out with your return. 

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Re: Product return issues due to being active duty overseas

Sadly it was purchased on Oct 22nd. The website says eligible for return up to Jan 14th however customer service says Nov 20th.

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Re: Product return issues due to being active duty overseas

Hello, Whyamihere1,


Welcome to our online community.


Before I begin let me say, thank you for your bravery and service. 


It saddens me to hear that you were not able to get assistance with your return, and the clock is ticking or the Return & Exchange window and you are now out of the country. I can understand your concern with this, and I would like to do everything possible to assist you. To do so, please send a Private Message including your full name, email address, phone number, and order number if you have it. Also, where is the tablet as of today? As soon as I receive this information, I will be able to research your order and any notes associated with it, and hopefully provide you with a little peace of mind. I will also document your experience here in our corporate system for internal review.

You can send a Private Message by selecting the blue button next to my signature below.


I look forward to assisting you.


Kind Regards,

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