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Product Queue System

Can you PLEASE institute a queue system for purchasing the 3000 RTX graphics cards? The literal two opportunites these cards have been available for purchase on Best Buy's website they are sold out less than 5 minutes. I fail to believe Best Buy is doing anything to protect against bot purchases of the cards. I and many other potential customers implore you to have a better system for selling this product. Do not pass the buck off to Nvidia, especially since you are the exclusive retailer selling Founders Edition cards. Set up a queue system like EVGA has done. I will give Best Buy money over other vendors/retailers if so. I do not know how to me more clear than this.  

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Re: Product Queue System

Set the system to notify you when they are available and then you just have to be both quick and lucky. You will get one eventually.
Looks like they set the quantity limit and shipping restrictions on this item to prevent bots and fraud. It's just a popular item.
It's a graphics card, not a defibrillator, just have some patience and the supply will catch up with demand.