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unable to process your credit card

My card was working perfectly before on bestbuy but now whenever I checkout it givings me this message:


Unfortunately, we were unable to process your credit card. Please try again or use a different card to continue with your order. For questions regarding your credit card, please contact your bank.


Dont know hwat is wrong tried everything even changed computers, card and tried through different account same problem. Can anyone tell me why cant I order


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Failed Authorization

I need help with my order problem.
I received an e-mail to update the payment method due to a payment error.
I used a gift card and a credit card together.
One of the gift cards saw the message "Failed Authorization."
Currently, the payment method is not updated and the order is not canceled.
I need help to solve the problem.


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Unable to edit payment information on pre-orders

I have some pre-orders I'd like to edit payment information on and when I try, I get "self service is unavailable" error message. I've asked a few friends of mine to try on their end to see if it was just me, and they experienced the same thing. It won't allow me to change cards or add a new one at all. I've been getting that error message for several days now.


Is this an issue's tech team is currently looking into? If not, I wanted to bring it to light and see if there was a fix.

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Can't update payment or cancel order. - Self-service is not available.

I got email message from Best Buy said that they can't process my payment.   I tried to update payment but was told that self-service is not available.  I tried to cancel my order but they can't cancel my order neither.  I searched for messages on that forum and found so many customers complaint about the same.


I had to place same item under new order instead.   Please fix that system as soon as possible.

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Is there a purchase limit within 24 hours on BestBuy?

For some reason whenever I try to make a purchase on or through the BestBuy app, the payment authorization keeps failing. I have no issue with my credit card on other sites and I tried another credit card, but I keep getting the same message. I just wanted to ask if there is some kind of purchase limit or fraud protection where a person makes multiple orders within a 24 hour time. I made like 6 orders for preorders within a 24 hour time. Would that be the reason why my payment authorization fails regardless of any payment medthod I use to make a purchase? Do I need to wait or can someone look at my account? Thanks.

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Re: Is there a purchase limit within 24 hours on BestBuy?

Well to make sure there is enough for everyone they may impose per item limit. Does your bank know you are making multiple attempts at trying to buy off Best Buy? Could be your bank doing something to flag it but then again you would be notified if this was the case.

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Order Payment Failed Authorization with Gift Cards

How do I complete my order when the gift cards failed authoritzation? I don't understand how this happened when it let me complete the order because it clearly checked the card values as I entered them and applied them. How can I get my ordered to be processed?

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Gift card payment not authorized, funds are now missing.

[ Edited ]

     I made an order tonight online using a gift card I received in store.

Moments later I receive a message saying it was declined.
I went to check it and it said I owed the full amount. My gift card was drained of funds and was no longer available to buy the item.
I decided to cancel the order, thinking maybe that would fix it. But the funds are still gone.

This is the message I received:


we're unable to process your payment.

But don't worry—we'll hold your items for 24 hours so you can review and update your payment information to resolve the issue. Please don't delay or we will have to cancel your order and release the product.

If you update the current payment information used for this order, please make sure you enter the information carefully.

When you update your payment information, the delivery date of your item(s) may change. For more information regarding your order see {removed per forum guidelines}


To modify the original payment details used for your order, or to enter a new credit card for payment, click on the "Update Payment Info" button.

Thank you for your immediate response.

I checked online and this seems to be a frequent issue, there are dozens of posts on here about it, and no resolutions posted on any of them to know if it was ever made right for those who lost out.

I'm worried now that I've just lost my money since there is no link to get help with the situation that I can find. 

When/if this is fixed I will post a reply here to let everyone know. 

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I'm unable to update my payment

"We're Sorry

Self Service is currently unavailable. Please try again later."


I've got maybe 12 hours to keep trying and then the order gets cancelled automatically.



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Failed Authorization on gift card and balance taken not returned.



I recently ordered Shang Chi 4K Steelbook and the order is requesting updated payment info after the order went through with no issue.  Can I get help with having the order process through or get the amount deducted returned to my gift card?