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Problem With the Payment Info on Your Order?

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Hey friends,


Welcome to our community forums! I want to provide some direction for those of you here because of some confusion with your payment information on an order.  Generally, you'll have received an email stating that your order has a "Failed Authorization" or you may see this as the status of your order when you check its status, but this would apply to any situation where your order payment needs attention.


If you've recently placed an order, only to receive an email from Best Buy stating the authorization failed and you need to update your payment method, I hate to say it but our team here is not equipped to get you taken care of. Instead, please follow these quick steps:


  1. Call your bank. Explain the situation and work with them to ensure everything is fine on their end.
  2. Call our friends at 1 (888) BEST-BUY which is (888) 237-8289 so they can properly assist with updating your order.


Tony|Social Media Supervisor | Best Buy® Corporate
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Failed authorization on a gift card

Hi. I'm being told to update my payment because of a failed authorization on a gift card. I have tried several times, and it keeps telling me that self sevice is unavailable. I tried calling the local store for help, but I sat on hold for 15 minutes. I tried asking someone in chat if there was a number I can call, and I was given the Best Buy credit card department.


I can't cancel the order because it is "currently in process," and I can't update payment. I can't call and talk to anyone, so I'm hoping I can get this sorted out through here. Can anyone help?

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Re: help with updating info

Given notice to update credit card. Credit card is not Best Buy. It is the only one that I use.
Please inform me how to update my credit card
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“Failed Authorization”

I made a purchase for an iPad that is connected to my phone service as well as an Apple Pencil. It initially accepted the transaction and gave me an order number only to email me within minutes after and say that it was unable to process the payment because my credit card failed authorization. I am at a loss, because checking my bank account, the money has already been taken and is currently pending by Best Buy despite it telling me it was unable to process the payment.

I called Best Buy support but they only told me it was an issue with the bank. I haven’t been able to contact my bank as of yet to verify this as it’s the weekend, but if it really were on the banks end, why was money already taken from my account if there was a block?
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Pending Authorization Transactions

I tried to order Oculus - Quest 2 and accessories on 10 March 2021. I entered my credit cards details to complete the purchase but page gave an error. Then I checked my bank account and found out that the order was purchased for two times and the transactions were pending for authorisation.
When I check my bestbuy account,  my order is not listed and also I haven't get any email from bestbuy.
I asked my bank to cancel the pending authorisations but they told me that only if BestBuy cancels the payment process may end.
We have phoned to Bestbuy international calls, they told us to wait for some days but nothing has changed. We are looking for someone to solve this problem and help us.
Thank you.

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Help With Pre-Order

I got an email telling me that Best Buy was unable to process my order for an item that I can pick up later this week. It says that I must change my payment information within twenty four hours or the order will be canceled. Does this mean twenty four hours after receiving the email or twenty four hours after I will be able to pick up the item?
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Re: Help With Pre-Order

After the sent the email.
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Horrific Customer Service

I placed an order for a washer and dryer online. The washer would be available to pickup in the next week and the dryer was on back order and would take 2 months.. no problem. The payment for the washer went through fine but I got an email saying there was an issue with the payment for the dryer. I call up Best Buy to speak with an agent about the email and they tell me the card information is totally fine and they are not sure why I received the email, but I can go ahead and ignore the email... ok no problem. Fast forward two months to today, my dryer is supposed to finally arrive after being on back order!! I call Best Buy to ask for an estimate as to when I’m supposed to receive the dryer and they tell me the order was canceled because my payment information could not be processed. Furthermore, if I were to order another one I would have to pay $200 extra than when I originally placed the order (because it was on sale at the time) I am absolutely screwed and Best Buy knows it. The customer service rep acknowledged it was entirely their fault but said there was nothing they could do. He would not even review the call log of the last call I had with the Best Buy agent telling me my card information was fine. Best Buy, I have all the case#’s... please review my prior call log and make this right !!!!
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So Many Problems

I have been having constant problems with an order I purchased two weeks ago. I am, as I saw someone else put it, at my wits end.


First, my order was declined because my bank thought the purchase was suspicious so I had to go through a whole process of telling my bank that the purchase was okay, then going back to the website to complete my order and change my payment information - which wasn't easy. 


Then my order is late. Fine. I've talked to customer support about it on the phone twice, and it sounded like it had been handled. 


I got an email an hour ago telling me that my payment has been declined AGAIN? I check my bank and sure enough, the full amount of my purchase has been deposited back into my account! Two weeks after I verified my initial purchase and I paid Best Buy!


Fine. I'm angry, but I'll keep playing the game if only to get the item I purchased. I verify the purchase with my bank again, and then go back to "update my payment information again."


"We're sorry. Self-service is currently unavailable. Please try again later." 


What am I supposed to do? Should I call customer service yet again?

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Re: Credit Card

Hello, the same thing happens to me, I enter all the correct data of my card, I even called my bank but they tell me that there is no blockage on their part