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Price match guarantee not honored

I've had bad customer service before from any one rep with a company, and that happens, it's fine. Bad service from two reps is a cause for concern. Bad service from EVERYONE I've been in contact with, however? Unbelievable.

I bought a new Google Pixel 4 XL on April 7th, Verizon service, full price, $899. Over Easter weekend, it went on sale - $300 off. Hey presto, I want the sale price!

I contacted Best Buy via chat, and was told to go to the store where I bought the phone. Bad service#1.

I went to the store, and was told that since it was an online order, I needed to call Best Buy. *Side note, everyone at the store has been great. Not blaming this rep. The website even says to use online contact for online orders, but I did what the chat rep told me to do.

So today, April 18th, I called 800 BEST BUY. The phone system suggested using the chat system, so I did that. The chat rep took 15 minutes to tell me that I had to call the number, and so I was told to call 888 BEST BUY. Bad service#2.

After 45 minutes on hold, I was told that I was speaking with Home Theater, and needed to be transferred to Best Buy mobile. Bad service#3.

Another 50 minutes on hold, and I was told that I needed to speak to yet a different sort of customer service rep - I told all of these people the same thing, that I wanted a price match on an item that went on sale after I bought it.

After a total of TWO HOURS AND FIFTEEN MINUTES ON HOLD, I finally spoke with the rep to handle the price match, only to be told that the item wasn't actually on sale. I pulled it up on yes, yes it IS on sale, it's $300 off? The rep rather rudely just repeated that it wasn't on sale, it's $899, and there's nothing he could do for a price match. Bad service#4, for a final rating of "The price on the website isn't a real sale price." Good to know! I could have saved a lot of time on the phone if that absolute nonsense had been in the fine print somewhere!

Last statement here, I will just go ahead and address the likely reply, "Per the website blah blah, you just need to return the phone and repurchase it to get the lower price." No, thank you. Best Buy can't clearly communicate their own policy, won't actually honor it upon request, and in general showed no respect for my time throughout this process. I am absolutely returning the phone, and then I'm buying it from somewhere else.
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Re: Price match guarantee not honored

Hello, razimo, 


Welcome to the forum, and thank you for your patience as you awaited a reply. Purchasing a new phone is always exciting, but even more so when you can get a great price on it! I'm sure you were ecstatic to see the price drop your phone just a few days later, but based on your explanation of your experience, left quite disappointed when trying to request the price match. 


Under our Price Match Guarantee, you should be able to request a price match to a order by contacting our phone support or online chat. It sounds like you were sent in all sorts of directions, and I apologize for any frustration that may have caused. I would be happy to further review this with you, so please keep an eye on your inbox in the top right corner of the page for my private message. 


Tasha|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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